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IF YOU ARE URGENTLY IN NEED FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, YOU SHOULD CALL FOR "112", "911" OR "103", depending on your location.


MD Likar is a platform and does not offer any medical services or is not a provider. All healthcare providers are independent of MD Likar Platform and use this service as a way of communicating with you virtually. Any information or advice received from the provider comes from the specialist separately and not from MD Likar per se. Your interaction with providers through the Platform is not intended to completely replace your usual relationship with your physician. Neither MD Likar nor its management, nor any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or agents, or any third party who may advertise the Platform or provide a link to the Platform shall be held responsible for any professional advice received from a healthcare professional through the Platform, or for any other information obtained from the Website. MD Likar does not promote any specific providers, specific tests, drugs, products or procedures recommended by providers that may use the MD Likar platform to communicate with you. You acknowledge that you rely on all health care providers or information suggested by providers through the Platform solely at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for all risks associated with this.

MD Likar does not represent or make any warranty whatsoever regarding the medical services suggested by providers through the Platform. A list of available national healthcare providers will be suggested solely based on the information you select and provide on the MD Likar website. You, using the services provided through the Platform, are the only one responsible for the choice of your particular healthcare professional.

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MD Likar Corporation is an independent corporation that brings together an online network of healthcare providers and doctors. MD Likar Corporation provides virtual clinical services through the MD Likar online platform for MD Likar clients.

IF YOU ARE URGENTLY IN NEED FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, YOU SHOULD CALL FOR "112", "911" OR "103", depending on your location.


CONTENT AND SERVICES PRESENTED ON THE SITE, INCLUDING, and NOT limited to just text, image, audio, video, illustrations, and graphical content are designed to be used EXCLUSIVELY FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE 

professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or any professional recommendations. In parallel, you should always consult with a qualified health care professional about any possible health issues or issues that you may have about your individual needs and any medical conditions. All information provided on MD Likar, or information in any way related to MD Likar Platform, WHEREAS, the information given by MD Likar PROVIDERS SHOULD BE USED FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES AND UNDER YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITIES, and

IS NOT INTENDED TO CREATE OFFICIAL "PATIENT-DOCTOR RELATIONSHIP", as defined by law. MD Likar DOES NOT PROVIDE A CUSTOMER WITH A SERVICE THAT REPLACES PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT. By relying solely on YOUR OWN RISK and YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY, you use the information posted on MD Likar's site, all of its CONTENT, as well as the information and advice provided through it by MEDICAL EXPERTS, NO LIABILITY. MD Likar's Tasks solely related to SIMPLIFY YOUR CHOICE, COMMUNICATION, AND INTERACTION WITH DOCTORS, MD LIKAR DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL SERVICES, MD Likar doctors are independent providers through the site and are not employees of MD Likar.


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